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InfoCamp Seattle 2016

Saturday, October 24

Mary Gates Hall, University of Washington

An unconference for Seattle's Information Science and Technology community.


For our theme this year, Impact, we consider the outputs of our labor on the world. We organize and expose information, design experiences, and create our evermore connected future. Let's share our passions for making a difference, and experience with getting it done.


InfoCamp is an unconference, meaning the session topics are pitched by the audience. People can discuss like-minded passions, or share experience from their careers.

Session Pitches

2015 Sessions

Leading a session

Do you have a certain passion you would like to share? Take a stand, practice your public speaking, and tell us what it is.

Session templates

  1. Ask me anything
  2. Brainstorm
  3. Show and tell
  4. Panel
  5. How-to